The Journey

I come from nowhere and everywhere.

I have claims to African, Native American, European, Polynesian, Asian and Oriental ancestry.  Born in Kenya, I have lived and worked on six of the seven continents and this ‘world citizenship’ has found expression in my voice.  My natural accent is at once familiar yet hard to place, and I love playing with the natural ‘drift’ which moves easily from a neutral accent, rooted on this side of the Atlantic, to gentle American to modern African.

My Work

With more than a decade in TV production I know that, as you near the end of the edit, the film and the team have been through a lot.  I’ve never heard anyone say, at this stage of the game, “oh it’s been really easy and amazing and totally fun”.  It doesn’t mean we don’t love what we do but the birthing of a film is rarely pain-free.  But if the stars align and all the elements come together, laying the music and narration down is when the film settles and its final form emerges from the fog of post-production.  When recording, I look for a connection with every project – regardless of the content.  I’ve found there is always something that moves me and, once I’ve tapped in, I can’t help but care about the film, about the characters, and about the story. 


I am a biologist with an eye and an ear for drama and storytelling.  In narrating films - whether from the natural, human or ‘other world’ - I’ve found a rich vein of stories that are played out in every arena of life.  I get excited about sharing these universal tales of awe and wonder, of struggle and survival, of victory and defeat.  It’s why I love what I do.