• PRESENTER, BBC SPRINGWATCH Live reports from Shetland to Cornwall.
  • WRITER, Bizarre Beauty Spiny lobster feature for BBC Wildlife Magazine, June issue.  Commissioner, Ben Hoare
  • WRITER, Guest Columnist, BBC Wildlife Magazine, May issue.  Commissioner, Ben Hoare
  • NARRATOR, Africa’s Hunters 6 x 48mins for Smithsonian/Love Nature.  Plimsoll Productions.  Series Producer: Martha Holmes
  • NARRATOR, Dolphin World – Making Of 1 x 90mins for Disneynature.  Silverback Productions.  Exec Producer: Keith Scholey
  • NARRATOR, Superpigs 1 x 60mins for Smithsonian/Love Nature.  Humblebee Productions.  Exec Producer:  Stephen Dunleavy
  • WRITER, Guest Columnist, Country Walking Magazine.  April issue.
  • WRITER, Beavers Bite their Way Back, feature for BBC Wildlife Magazine, February issue.  Commissioner, Ben Hoare


  • PRESENTER, BBC Autumnwatch 2017 Live hits from Bournemouth & Sherborne Park Estate
  • PRESENTER, BBC Springwatch 2017. Three weeks live from Sherborne Park Estate & the Isles of Scilly.
  • AUDIOBOOK READER, Snow Angel by Lauren St John.  Published by Head of Zeus.  Produced by Chatterbox Audio.
  • SPEAKER, Countryfile LIVE 2017 at National Trust Theatre, Blenheim Estate.
  • NARRATOR, Life's Journey 3 x 48 mins for Smithsonian/Love Nature.  Series Producer: James Smith.  Executive Producer" Martha Holmes for Plimsoll Productions
  • NARRATOR, Africa's Hunters 6 X 48 mins for Nat Geo Wild/Smithsonian/Love Nature.  Series Producer: James Smith.  Executive Producer" Martha Holmes for Plimsoll Productions
  • PRESENTER, BBC Winterwatch. Field reports on waxwings in Sheffield, hedgehog rescue & hibernating peacock butterflies.  Live piece with Martin Hughes-Games on winter moths and live chat with Michaela Strachan on hedgehog rescue.


  • PRESENTER, BBC Autumnwatch. Airing w/c 24th October '16.  Four separate pieces on bats, spiders, snakes & red squirrels featuring one each night for the four-night run.
  • AUDIOBOOK READER, Bone by Bone by Sanjida Kay.  Published by Corvus Books.  Producer: Gareth Price-Lewis for Chatterbox Audio.
  • AUDIOBOOK READER, CBT at Work for Dummies by Gill Garratt.  Published by John Wiley & Sons.  Producer: John Macneill for Chatterbox Audio.
  • PRESENTER, BBC Springwatch, 'Passion film' on the Cornish coast & the reappearance of a rare species of hermit crab.  Director: Kelly Neaves
  • PRESENTERBBC Springwatch,  science piece on synchronicity of Great tit & winter moth caterpillar hatching at Oxford University's Wytham Woods.  Director: Kelly Neaves. 
  • NARRATOR, Clash of Africa's Giants, feature-length film for Animal Planet's omnibus special celebrating World Lion Day.  Producer: Steve Gooder for Icon Films.
  • NARRATOR, Africa's Hunters, 6 x 48 mins for Nat Geo Wild/Smithsonian/Love Nature.  Series Producer: James Smith.  Executive Producer: Martha Holmes for Plimsoll Productions.
  • AUDIOBOOK READER, The Sudden Appearance of Hope, Claire North.  Published by Orbit.  Producer: Amelia Paul for Chatterbox Audio.  


  • NARRATOR, Disneynature’s Born In China: Behind-the-Scenes 5x5mins, Brian Leith Productions.  Director: Ben Wallis
  • IVR VOICES, various interactive voice responses for corporate E-learning programmes, Chatterbox Audio.  Producer: Gareth Price-Lewis
  • NARRATOR, ‘Voice of Mother Earth’, 1x2min, National Geographic promo, Brian Leith Productions. Directors: Ben Wallis/Verity White
  • NARRATOR, Sylvia: Tracing Blood, 1x1hr short-form version of feature-length doc for Tempest Film Productions. Director: Saxon Logan
  • CHARACTER VOICE, Periods Change Lives, 1x2min, Irise campaign film, Five Films/Ample Earth.  Director: Verity White
  • NARRATOR, series of publicity films for Ugandan Wildlife Authority, 4x5-10mins, Five Films. Director: Verity White
  • NARRATOR, Animal Athletes, 10x2mins, children’s natural history series of short films for VOD release.  Fountain Digital Productions.  Series Producer: Fergus Beeley
  • NARRATOR, DAYNA – Death Abroad You are Not Alone, 1x1hr documentary about Scottish campaign group DAYNA.  Director: Sara Nillson
  • NARRATOR, Mongolian Moose Chase, 1x1hr.  Director: Steve White